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A mix of flavours which we love and relish, the Flipp is a desi candy! The Flipp sends your tastebuds on a roller-coster ride of sweet and tangy flavours with every flip of tongue. And that's not all! Every ride has a hidden surprise for you, blasting your senses with tingling sensations of delight.

There are 5 classic candy flavours on offer, Classic Cola, Chatpati Imli, Spicy Kachcha Aam, Naughty Neembu, and Aromatic Meetha Pan. Have a Flipp anytime, anywhere, and treat your mouth to these refreshing flavours.

The Flipp is a part of the DJ Group's confectionary ventures. The DJ Group is a diversified business house, active in luxury hospitality, information technology, healthcare, and FMCG sectors.